Friday, November 27, 2009


Happy Black Friday to You!

Did you go shopping today?  I sure did.  Out of the house and in the stores by 5 AM, it was a great day to observe my fellow humans and smell the stress.  I even bought something (for myself).

I am lucky to be off today.  My workplace doesn't recognize Black Friday as a holiday.  It actually is a Wikipedia Holiday, one of many (basically, a holiday that isn't recognized by the government or your place of employment, but which you and all your fellow employees are certain is a valid reason to skip work/ knock off early/ drink excessively.  I think the next one is either the Wall Street Journal's "Open that Bottle Day" or Superbowl Sunday.  Each one is on a floating date that I haven't bothered to look up.

Don't worry about wrapping the stuff you bought or hiding it.  Everyone knows where you keep the wrapping paper and the presents, anyway.

Your Humblest and Most Devoted Servant,

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