Tuesday, August 07, 2007


New favorite game

Summer is a strange season at my job- the shifts are a little less busy, but there are a lot more of them. I've been filling in for other people on top of it. Add to that, day camp ends earlier than school, and it's just so darn BRIGHT outside, and the bottom line is this: I'm not doing much sleeping these days. This has helped me to discover a new game. Yippee!

It's called:

What the #$@% is ringing?!?!

Pure entertainment. This game is played with one player, plus or minus the people of the outside world. It works best when you have been sleeping for about an hour, and that hour is the fourth (at most) over the past two or three days. To begin, wake from a coma-deep, dreamless, oceanic sleep because something is making noise at you. Guess/find the source of the noise. Your choices are:

your cell phone
your land-line phone
your phone at work (uh-oh)
the doorbell
the TV
the cat
the other cat
the alarm clock
nothing - you dreamed that

Earn bonus points for knowing what day it is and the approximate time without looking. Lose points for having conversations with people that you later cannot recall whatsoever.

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