Thursday, March 02, 2006


The Bright Side of the Renewal of the Patriot Act

Bright side of the Patriot Act (named for the notoriously secretive New England Patriots, not for anything vague like patriotism, which, as you pointed out, is entirely antithetical to this law which spits in the face of the Constitution, but I digress...) ->

The Patriot Act makes it illegal to financially contribute to any group associated (however indirectly, tenuously, or unintentionally) with terrorists, and if you do you are subject to a loss of civil rights and property unheard of outside of Stalinist USSR. Now, based on this fact, and the fact that the US Gov't directly supported Saddam Hussein's rise to power during the Iran-Iraq war, and the fact that the US Gov't is known to posess weapons of mass destruction, etc etc etc, I'm pretty sure it is now illegal for us to pay any Federal Income Tax. I smell refund!

Enjoy the tax-free lifestyle,
Your Humblest and Most Devoted Servant,

hahahahahahahah that sucks
hahahahahahahah that sucks
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